About Paul

About Paul

Music is Paul’s life! He played his first instrument at age eight and he was a touring musician for twenty years, as the full-time accompanist for Juno-award-winning children’s singer Charlotte Diamond.

Now Paul lives in Saskatoon where he teaches and performs solo and in several bands, including Gopher Broke and While Rome Burns, playing fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass, Irish tenor banjo, and octave mandolin.

Paul performs monthly at a contra dance both playing and calling.

An active member of the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Society, Paul can sometimes be found playing at the Bon Temps Bluegrass Brunch or at local jams and dances.

Paul has composed over 300 fiddle tunes. His hit tune, Flying Home to Shelley, has been recorded by over 26 bands. Listen to Flying Home and New Potato Polka performed by the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, Alasdair Fraser conducting.

Paul also has extensive experience as a producer and engineer: for more information about these aspects of his work, click here.

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